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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The day of departure was here. Orson and Calvin walked into the bus station for the first time since they talked Toby out of making the worst mistake of his life. As they walked past the platform for the Bangor-bound bus, Calvin couldn't help but replay that day in his head.

"I want to see the world. I don't want to be trapped forever. I want to be on an adventure!"

"We can go on any adventures that we want when we're older! Please, listen to us. I promise, I'll go on an adventure with you, someday!"

Calvin sighed. Being ripped from his nice and comfortable home in suburban Maine only to be stuffed in an apartment in Boston was not what Toby meant by "adventure", but that's what he got.

"Here it is, Pup." Orson said as he put a hand on his younger brother's shoulder to keep him from wandering on while being lost in his thoughts.

"Hey! Are you going somewhere, too?"

Orson closed his eyes and sighed as he recognized the voice behind him. He turned around to see Kenton and Charmaine sitting on a bench behind them. He smiled as profanity raced through his head.

"Yes, we're heading for Boston. I thought you two were here to visit Olivia." Orson politely said as Calvin looked on with a bit of confusion.

"We were, but she's leaving for Oregon today and we're going to New York City for a few days." Charmaine explained.

"You're… Olivia's boyfriend, aren't you?" Calvin said as he remembered Kenton's face.

"Why yes. You must be… Orson's little brother, right?" Kenton replied, making a wild guess at who this boy was and why he recognized him.

"Yep! Toby showed me a picture of you when he was going through Olivia's phone one day."

Orson instinctively nudged his younger brother with the hopes of getting him to shut his mouth.

"Nice." Kenton sarcastically said with a sigh before extending his hand to the young boy. Calvin gave a polite smile as he shook it.

Thankfully, there was an announcement that their bus was leaving soon. Without any more awkward words, the four of them got onto the bus. To Orson's dismay and Calvin's delight, Kenton and Charmaine found themselves a seat in the same row across the aisle. After the bus was loaded, it took off down the 295 heading south.

"So, Orson, are you the same age as Olivia?" Charmaine asked. Orson silently cursed his little brother for wanting the window seat, sticking him closest to the two.

"For the time being, yes. I turn sixteen in January."

"So, do you have your learner's permit?" Kenton asked.

"Yep. I even have the hours of driving needed under my belt." Orson smugly replied.

"That's cool. I have to wait until next June until I can get mine." Kenton quietly replied.

"I thought about renting a car and having him drive us from Maine to New York City, but I don't think that would've flew with the car rental company." Charmaine said. Orson smirked a bit in response. Luckily for Orson, the awkwardness would peter out for another hundred miles before Charmaine spoke up again.

"So, do you two have any hobbies?"

At this point, Kenton could notice Orson's lack of social willingness and sighed in embarrassment as he knew that his mother was likely just going to annoy Orson further.

"I play soccer." Calvin replied.

"You didn't play last season." Orson mumbled.

"But I will next year!"

"Anyways, I don't really do much outside of playing guitar." Orson added.

"Oh, that's interesting." Charmaine replied.

"A friend of mine is trying to learn the guitar. It's harder than it looks." Kenton said, thinking about a small phase where Cameron tried (and failed) to learn the basic chords.

"My brother is awesome at playing the guitar! Maybe he could give your friend lessons over the internet!" Calvin excitedly said before a small glare from Orson reminded him to keep his mouth shut.

"Anyways… so why are you two heading to New York?" Calvin said, trying to change the subject.

"Calvin! That's kind of rude for you to ask." Orson reprimanded, causing Calvin to sink down into his seat even further.

"It's okay. I own a restaurant back in Oregon and I am meeting with someone to see about taking over a restaurant in New York City." Charmaine said, using her skills as a former elementary school secretary to speak in a manner that appealed to the young man.

"So, are you two moving to the East coast?" Orson asked, not wanting to hear that Kenton was going to be moving closer to Olivia.

"Not exactly, I'm hoping that my future business partner will run the restaurant out here so Kenton can graduate from the same High School that he started from." Charmaine explained.

Back in Maine, Olivia and her parents walked through the same airport that she landed at four months prior.

"Here's your stop! Have a safe trip!" Harlow said as he hugged his daughter.

"Tell Mia to keep out of trouble!" Olivia's mother said as she gave her daughter a hug, also.

"Thank you so much for doing this. Love you both!" Olivia said as she took off through the security gate. The two parents waved off their only daughter.

"Is it too late to tell her not to go?" Harlow said, somewhat afraid of being separated from his daughter for an extended period.

"We have to let her go sometime. Besides, she's coming back this time. She won't in four years."

"…Did you really have to remind me?"

As the bus pulled into the station in Boston, Orson was feeling pretty melancholy after being next to Olivia's "perfect" boyfriend and his mother. The bus emptied and the four was ready to split into two groups.

"Well, Orson, it was really nice to meet you." Kenton said as he extended his hand once again. Orson politely smiled and shook his hand.

"It was nice to meet you, too."

"I cannot state enough how nice it was nice to meet you. I feel much better now that I know that Olivia is in great hands." Kenton said to complete the conversation before walking off, leaving Orson confused.

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