World of Quiet Enlightenment

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Chapter 1: Introduction of the Four
Two classmates are roped into joining the school's drama club by two students from a younger grade.
Chapter 2: The Dream
Andrea and Charmaine, two ladies ready to become independant entrepreneurs, take the initial steps towards achieving that dream.
Chapter 3: Rust for my Valentine
Charmaine plans for the restaurant's future as Kenton makes a Valentine's Day card for a crush.
Chapter 4: Pastries and Postulates
Charmaine begins to question Andrea's motives when some of her actions prove to be non-sensical.
Chapter 5: Fairy Tales
The Drama Club holds its first meeting with new members.
Chapter 6: Out of Time
Kenton and Charmaine have two different demons to fight to achieve their dreams.
Chapter 7: Waterfall
Kenton and Charmaine have to deal with the fallout as their problems come to a head.
Chapter 8: Trigonometry
Elias joins a talent show to prove that smart people can be cool.
Chapter 9: Waterpark
Kenton and Olivia go on a "double date" with Mia and Elias at a new indoor waterpark.
Chapter 10: Amusement
Two acquaintances become close friends as they discover common interests.
Chapter 11: Tempo
Elias and Mia's tension comes to a head and they figure out where they stand.
Chapter 12: The End of the Fairytale Spring (Part 1)
As Spring becomes Summer, Elias contemplates his future.
Chapter 13: The End of the Fairytale Spring (Part 2)
Kenton's 14th birthday party turns tragic as an unexpected foe forces Elias to make a tough decision.
Chapter 14: Beckoning of an Angel
The loss of one shakes the friend group.
Chapter 15: From Rain Comes Flowers
Charmaine tries to cheer Kenton up while dealing with a juvinile delinquent.
Chapter 16: Introduction
Mia has a poor reaction to meeting Cameron while Kenton and Olivia finally discuss their relationship.
Chapter 17: As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
In her darkest hour, Mia is visited by a loved one from her past.
Chapter 18: Revelation
As Mia warms up to Cameron, a dark secret about him is revealed.
Chapter 19: Connections
Cameron explains his past as Andrea reemerges to take her revenge.
Chapter 20: All Kinds of Wrong
One boy's life is endangered as Andrea executes her plan.
Chapter 21: Fights and Futures
Kenton and Charmaine have their showdown against Andrea and William.

Chapter 22: One Year and 3000 Miles
One year later, Olivia leaves Oregon to return to Maine.
Chapter 23: Registration
Olivia registers for her first year of high school and meets the secretary's son.
Chapter 24: First Day
Tension is high in the Gabriel household as Olivia and Toby start their first day at high school and middle school.
Chapter 25: Homesick
Olivia's 15th birthday sparks some unhappy memories.
Chapter 26: Forbidden
Orson is forced to make a tough decision for his brother's safety as Toby grows closer to his new friend.
Chapter 27: Borderlines
Olivia lets her emotional guard down in front of Orson and Lucas and Toby have a sleepover.
Chapter 28: Temptation
Lucas surprises Toby on his birthday with an irresistable proposal.
Chapter 29: Fugitive
Olivia, Orson, and Calvin race to intervene in Toby and Lucas's plan.
Chapter 30: Surprises
Kenton surprises Olivia by showing up in Maine.
Chapter 31: Wannabe
Orson, Calvin, Kenton, and Charmaine share a bus to Boston.
Chapter 32: Changes
Old friends are reunited.
Chapter 33: Negotiation
Charmaine's future business partner is not who she expected them to be.
Chapter 34: Smoke and the Disturbed
Andrea's legacy makes one final strike at Charmaine's dream.
Chapter 35: Skeleton
As Charmaine's dream smolders, a cross-country manhunt heats up.
Chapter 36: Holiday's Eve (Part 1)
Olivia gets the best holiday gift she could ever imagine.
Chapter 37: Holiday's Eve (Part 2)
The old friend group gets together for the holiday.
Chapter 38: Caroling
Lucas and Olivia get a shock as they meet up 3,000 miles away from their hometown.
Chapter 39: Burning
Lucas confronts Butch about the truth.
Chapter 40: Farewell
People say farewell as all good things must come to an end.
Chapter 41: Justice
A new year begins as people face karma for their actions.

Chapter 42: The New Waiter
A year and seven months have passed, and Cameron struggles with his new job.
Chapter 43: Truths
Cameron has to get used to life with his cousin.
Chapter 44: Meetup
Cameron remembers how he became a couple with Mia.
Chapter 45: Busted
Butch Conner and Sequoia Anson face each other once more.
Chapter 46: Reconciliation
Cameron attempts to repair the broken relationships in his life.
Chapter 47: Prelude
The group gets ready for a road trip to California.
Chapter 48: Starstruck
The road trip commences after an internet celebrity arrives at the restaurant.
Chapter 49: Tripped Up
Mia helps an old friend with a new problem.
Chapter 50: Tripped Up
Sylvester must face his past when he encounters an old friend.
Chapter 51: Knocked
Just when it seems like all of the problems are solved...
Chapter 52: Steamrolled
A few words cause some unintended consequences.
Chapter 53: Sendoff
The group leaves California with a new understanding, and a new challenge arises.

Chapter 54: Dumpster
When Maya appears in Oregon, the group have to figure out what to do.
Chapter 55: Eclipse
As the sun darkens, fates change forever...
Chapter 56: Shattered
One person faces the ultimate consequence for another's actions...
Chapter 57: Frozen Life
At the border between life and death, you meet those who you have loved and those you have hated.
Chapter 58: Here We Are
The original final chapter of the Quiet Enlightenment story.

Chapter 59: Happy Birthday
In August 2020, the group shares their respects for their fallen friend in a changed world.
Chapter 60: In The Moment
In October 2021, Sylvester must adapt to his rapidly-changing life.
Chapter 61: Forever Young
An 88-year-old great-grandmother looks back on her life.